Barrington, IL’s Charles Scharf

Charles Scharf Barrington, IL

The owner and president of Erosion Specialists in Barrington, IL, Charles Scharf has completed a range of large-scale drainage and anti-erosion projects. Charles Scharf's work with these projects involved constructing and repairing a number of modular and sheet pile structural retaining walls to stabilize various waterfront banks and storm inlets. He has also completed a wide range of poured-in-place projects.

One of Mr. Scharf’s largest projects was the installation of a 400-foot wall that Erosion Specialists erected along a raised elevation drop in order to retain a sizable office complex. He has also restored sections of the Salt Creek Watershed for the Forest Preserves of Cook County.

When he isn’t working, Mr. Scharf is an avid automobile collector who concentrates on muscle cars from the 1960s and various makes and models of German vehicles. He also enjoys water skiing during the summer months. In an effort to give back to the communities that support him, he makes annual donations to the Boys Town orphanage.